Bob Dooley moved to Nimbin from Sydney in 2001 to take up the position of Head Teacher English at Nimbin Central School. He has thirty years secondary teaching experience in inner-city high schools and worked as a consultant for the now defunct Schools Commission. 

He holds a Graduate Diploma in Media from the AFTRS and has produced a number of documentary videos on educational, environmental and community development topics, as well as publishing innumerable newsletters, pamphlets, brochures and posters for a range of community organisations.

He remains committed to maintaining the newspaper’s valuable role in the life of the diverse community of the region.

Bob also plays bass, guitar and sings, and performs with various local bands. He presents a radio program, the GoodTimes Music Show, featuring local acts, on the local NIM-FM community radio station.

Segments of his show are podcast at:


Sue Stock has worked as a librarian and teacher-librarian for over 20 years. She holds degrees in Geography and Visual Arts, and has been actively involved in local politics in Sydney, where she was an alderman on Leichhardt Council for nine years for the Community Independents.

She also holds a Graduate Diploma in Media from the AFTRS, and became involved in the newspaper by offering editorial and photographic assistance to the previous editor in late 2003.

Sue has curated exhibitions of Aboriginal Art, and has exhibited her own photographic works in numerous showings. Her enthusiasm for the Nimbin valley, and her involvement in local issues, has been evident since she moved to Nimbin in 2002. In 2004 she stood for election to Lismore Council for The Greens, subsequently helping to found a Nimbin sub-branch of the party.

Sue is committed to sustainable futures and sees the newspaper itself as a model of community sustainability.